Road Trip – Greece & Macedonia, August 2015

Road Trip - Greece & Macedonia

US May, June 2015

US April/May, 2014

Sokobania for iOS

Sōkoban (倉庫番) – (n) warehouseman; storekeeper

After 10 hours of research, 6 hours and 53 minutes of design, 3 hours and 9 minutes and 69 hours and 21 minutes of active development, Sokobania for iPhone and iPad is out! Finally! … Total of 89 hours and 24 minutes if you can’t bother calculating them :)

You might remember the game from back in the good old days when 386 was “cool” or even before that when Pravetz was the only computer out there you could’ve get your hands on.

Sokobania is a puzzle game in which the player pushes crates around to position them on their designated places and thus helping the sokoban to “tidy up” the warehouse. The game includes 3 level packs – 2 for iPhone and 1 specifically designed for iPad bigger screen – all three of them present you with 108 levels. You can get 4 more packs later on with 201 levels. It’s the perfect present for the holidays – perfectly enjoyable and educational for kids too.

You can see video of the gameplay at Youtube or at Vimeo.

Oh, yes – get it at Apple AppStore and you can Like us @ Facebook.

US 2013

US 2013, a set on Flickr.

Switzerland 2013-02

Mount PilatusBernBernBernBernBern
BernBernBernBernMount PilatusMount Pilatus - Rigi-Kulm
Mount Pilatus - Rigi-KulmMount PilatusMount PilatusMount PilatusMount PilatusMount Pilatus - Rigi-Kulm
Mount Pilatus - Rigi-KlumMount Pilatus - Rigi-KulmMount Pilatus - Rigi-KulmMount PilatusBaselBern

Switzerland 2013-02, a set on Flickr.

Vihren, August 2012


Vihren, August 2012, a set on Flickr.

Switzerland 2012-05


Switzerland 2012-05, a set on Flickr.


Luxembourg, October 2011

LuxembourgLuxembourgLuxembourgAnonymousEIB with KrisiThe Court of Justice of the European Union
LuxembourgLuxembourgThe Court of Justice of the European UnionLuxembourgLuxembourgPlane spotting
Saint Étienne de MetzSaint Étienne de MetzMetzMetzMetzMetz

Luxembourg – 2011-10, a set on Flickr.